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The Ladies Of Alpha Kappa Alpha At Georgia State Just SLAYED This #MannequinChallenge

While all of you were out there playing around on your cell phones and attempting to shoot videos for the latest internet craze, the AKAs at Georgia State were taking to the sky. #SLAY #BlackGirlMagic #YallNeedToCheckThisOut

Yes, that is right the women of the ‘ENCHANTING’ Eta Mu chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. heard’s call for #NPHCMannequinChallenge videos, threw a drone camera in the air, and got to SLAYING in a way that only the ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha can.

For the video, the ladies threw on beautiful pink outfits and got in FORMATION and let the cameras do the work.

Check out this aerial #NPHCMannequinChallenge video they shot and uploaded to the internet.

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