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This Great Great Aunt Who Is a Delta Reacting to Finding out Her Niece Is an AKA Is Priceless

The intergenerational legacies that Black fraternity and sorority members pass down are amazing.

We at Watch The Yard recently came across a viral video on Twitter of Alpha Kappa Alpha member Ryann Bartholomew telling her great great aunt who is a Delta that she is an AKA and it is absolutely priceless.

“My great great aunt has Alzheimer’s and my favorite thing to do is tell her I’m an AKA (she’s a Delta). One thing she will not forget is her DST. Her reaction is priceless every single time,” she captioned the video.

We would describe the reaction of her great great aunt to finding this out, but it is best that you see it for yourself.

According to Ryann, her great great aunt is a civil rights activist who helped hide freedom riders in her attic in Montgomery, Alabama and who’s home is now a national landmark.

“Fun fact she also hid the freedom riders in her attic during the civil right movement in Montgomery Alabama and you can visit her house because it is a national landmark. It’s two doors down from Dr.Kings Parsonage. You can typically find her on the porch lol,” she followed the video up in a separate tweet.

Fans of the video from across the nation left comments about how touching the video was. “This is the most adorable, touching post I’ve ever seen on IG! Love it!! Aunties are the best!!!” one instagram user commented. “I have the upmost love, respect and most of all appreciation in the meaning of this video! I can only pray that if I’m ever to experience the unfortunate stages of Alzheimers that I will never ever forget KAPsi” another user, Trevor1911 reflected after watching the video and thinking about his own fraternity.

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