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‘White Week’ Fliers Have Started A Protest On The Campus Of Northern Kentucky University

The school year just started, we haven’t even hit Halloween yet and campus racism is already a problem.

Northern Kentucky University is in the news after fliers mocking the African American Programs and Service’s “Welcome Black Week” with a “Welcome White Week” were found posted around the Northern Kentucky University.

On the flier, events ridiculing the welcome week for African-Americans include “White Lives Matter vs. Black Lives Matter” and “L.G.B.T.Q.R.S.T.U.V. and You” events which are supposed to be hosted by the “Nationalist Society for Inclusive Student Involvement”.


Students on campus have since gathered to protest racial intolerance on campus and are asking for an investigation by school officials.

“We worked hard for Welcome Black Week in response to the lack of representation in the universal programs within Welcome Week, and we can even go back to homecoming,”  Junior, James Johnson who was one of the organizers of the demonstration told the schools newspaper The Northerner. “It’s like a cause and effect. So the reason they did this [posted the “Welcome White Week” flyer] was because we had Welcome Black Week.”

“The reason we had Welcome Black Week was because we weren’t initially included in the festivities the university has.”

And the Fall semester of 2016 begins…

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