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Last night, a video hit the internet of a member of Omega Psi Phi who also happens to be a city council member being tazed by police in Prairie View, TX that has caused an uproar.

The video displays the man surrounded by and three police officers on his knees. The officer behind him shoots the tazer at his back and the young man hits the ground screaming. Many are questioning why the tazer was needed in the first place because it appears as if the man who was tazed was not posing any threat and was already on his knees in a position of submission not trying to escape.

This just so happens to be in the same Waller county that Sandra Bland was arrested in and “mysteriously” died in just months ago.

We spoke to friends of the man who opened up about what happened that night.

“Name is Jonathan he is a Que. He was going outside to meet his line brothers were coming over to see him and the police came to harass them because they saw a car full of black men,” a close friend to the tazed man said.

“Bruhz was going outside to start hoppin, went to the car to change shoes, and the police pulled up on us, started harrassing us tunning our liscense then [Jonathan] came out to see what was going on they told him to walk away, and he didn’t want to because he was concerend about us. They tazed him and arrested him for no reason at his own home,” a first person account attached to the video post stated.

“Jonathan came out of his house to see what was going on and they asked him to walk away but he didn’t he was trying to tell them who he was and that that was his house and that they were visitors and they were ok not trespassing,” another stated. “He is a city council member at PV studying for his masters, he graduated in May with his bachelors they say he was resisting arrest.”

“The problem is that they always bothering black men thinking they are thugs and they’re not. Instead of treating them like thugs, they could treat them like the students and business men that they are. Had they have done that they would have known that he was a city council men and his line brothers are all alumni and students smh.”

Here is a longer video that show the police trying to get his hands behind his back. What do you think?

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