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The NAACP’s Youth & College Director Just Let Them Know What Time It Is at the #MarchForOurLives Rally

Tiffany Loftin, the new Director for the NAACP Youth and College department showed up today at the March For Our Lives Rally and let everyone know what time it is when it comes to confronting gun violence issues in America.

During an interview on the street that was posted by The Crisis, Loftin passionately opened up about why the march is important to the NAACP and why she brought over 1,000 students from all across the country to participate.

“When we talk about legislative issues and solutions for gun violence, it has to include the intersections of black violence. That means guns, that means gangs, that means schools, that means teachers, that means police brutality, that means state violence, it has to include all of that stuff or were not gonna be able to do all of this stuff together,” she stated.

“This is not just about white people and school shootings in the classroom.”

“They kill us in churches, they kill us on the streets, they kill us in the car, they kill us the we are traveling, and they kill us in our classrooms.”

According to Loftin, the young members of the NAACP showed up to let everyone at the march and watching the march know that:

  • What they will not do is ignore Black voices
  • What they will make sure to do is include our agenda in the agenda for gun prevention reform

Her third point was that the young members were there to have a good time because they came from all across the country to this march and she wants them to be energized when they go home to do local organizing in their communities.

We at Watch The Yard would like to commend Lofton and all of the young NAACP members who showed up at the march for making sure that young Black people are visible and heard.

This type of activism is what we love to see.

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