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Kappa Alpha Psi’s Marc Lamont Hill Goes In On NYPD Detective For Inferring Blacks Are Prone To Crime

Kappa Alpha Psi’s Marc Lamont Hill is not backing down to racist statements.

During a live segment on CNN, Professor Marc Lamont Hill attempted to correct former New York City Police Department detective Harry Houck who stated that Black people commit the most crime and that cops are the real victims because they are “second-guessed” more than ever. Houck then made a statement that would lead most people to believe that he thinks Black people are more prone to violence.

“That’s why there are more Blacks in jail than there are whites,” Houck stated. “They turn it around — the racial demagogues out there — turn it around that the Blacks are being picked on.”

Hill, a proffessor at Morehouse, replies that cops should be evaluated and watched by the public because they are public servants just the way “we should second-guess our politicians.”

“You think Black people are prone to criminality?” Hill asked. “You don’t mean to say that. I’m going to give you a chance to correct [yourself]. You don’t mean that Black people are prone to criminality.”

The conversation gets very heated. Watch the video below and share: