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Baby Sigmas! Watch These Elementary School Boys Step Like Sigmas!

The Sigmas are training them earlier and earlier.

Check out this video of elementary school aged boys stepping at the DC NPHC 1st Annual StepShow in 2009. Their team name is, “Tha Sigma Babies Stepteam” and it includes P-Nut, Lil Man, Lil Boy Blu, Lil Ray, J-Boog & Baby Blu.

These little boys are probably the perfect example of the ideal offspring of a Zeta and Sigma marriage look like.

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The Brothers of Phi Beta Sigma in Boston Don’t Play When It Comes to Yard Shows

The Sigmas in Boston are bringing that HEAT!

The brothers of the Beta Alpha Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts recently performed at their school’s 2017 Yard Show and HELD IT DOWN for the BLU and White! a

The Beta Alpha chapter of Phi Beta Sigma is the Boston city wide chapter.

Check out their show below!

Great work Sigmas!

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GOMAB! These Five World Leaders Are Proud Members Of Phi Beta Sigma!

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They say Phi Beta Sigma has got soul but do you know what else it has got? Presidents!

Did you know that Phi Beta Sigma claims five members who were the Heads of State for their respective countries?

It is true! Four African presidents and one from the United States of America each decided that they wanted to be members and rep the Blu-Phi!

Click on the arrows below to find out which world presidents crossed Sigma.

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Benjamin Nnamdi Azikiwe phi beta sigma

Benjamin Nnamdi Azikiwe

Benjamin Nnamdi Azikiwe who served as the first President of Nigeria after it was given independence from Great Britain in 1960. He crossed at the Mu Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma at Lincoln University.

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Check out This Joint Stroll the Sigmas and Zetas at Delaware State University Just Released

There is no better way of showing off a newly renovated Sigma plot and a brand new Zeta plot than shooting a joint stroll video highlighting the unbreakable bond between the two orgs. Look no further because that is exactly what the Sigmas and Zetas at Delaware State University just did.

The brothers of the Gamma Upsilon Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma and the sororZ of the Upsilon Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta teamed up for this joint stroll video to show everyone that they run things.

Check out their video below!

Shout out to @_djcrank_ for sending us this video!

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