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The love between the men of Omega Psi Phi and the women of Delta Sigma Theta has historically been known within the Black greek community as “Coleman Love” and this year that very Coleman Love made history at the new center of African-American history, the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture. On October 4th, a Que asked a Delta to be his wife in one of the museum’s most beautiful rooms and became the first couple to ever get engaged at the museum.

Yes! YAAAASSSS! We at Watch The Yard love this! This has to be one of the Black Lovingest proposals of 2016!

Let’s just look at the facts: A Delta and a Que meet through the National Society of Black Engineers, fall in love, and then he pops the question to her during the historical opening week of the National Museum of African American History and Culture, inside the museum’s Contemplative Court.

Like seriously, can it get more Black and beautiful than this?!


We reached out to the couple via photographer Haythem Lafhaj(a member of the Xi Chapter of Omega Psi Phi) and they opened up about the engagement and graced us with the details.

Tell us about how you met:

It’s amazing we didn’t cross paths sooner than 2014.  We both had mutual friends and colleagues from the National Society of Black  Engineers, and his fraternity (Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Incorporated), and my sorority (Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated). In Fall 2014 we both served on the community outreach team at a work conference; upon meeting, we shook hands and proceeded with business as usual. Dimitri has always been a gentlemen and kind hearted, so he reached out once or twice to keep the corporate connection.  My follow-up was horrible, but in Fall of 2015 we were able to reconnect at another work conference.  After that conference I said I would do better at keeping in touch, and we did just that; once we started talking faith, and family values, our  souls connected.  We knew we were destined to be aligned for a greater purpose

Let us know about the proposal:

We got engaged at the National Museum of African American History and Culture, the first couple to do so, on October 4th.  I chose this location for several reasons. First, the same conference that we met at in 2014 was being held that week, so I figured what better way to celebrate our future together together than to take the next step leading up to the very event that brought us together to begin with. Secondly, I wanted the engagement to be memorable for her, so knowing that the museum would open just 10 days beforehand made it an ideal location. How many people can truly say they were the first do something historic such as this?  So with the date and location decided, I began the planning and execution phase.  Luckily one of my closest line brother’s lives in DC, he was tremendous help with everything.  I tried reaching out to the museum staff for weeks to no avail, which was understandable for the most part, as their priority was the Grand Opening.


I arrived in DC on Sunday, October 2nd, she had been there since Friday, September 30th.  We hadn’t seen each other in almost three months, so I was experiencing a myriad of emotions when she picked me up from the airport on Sunday.  Quite naturally she had no clue what I had planned.  On Monday morning she had to get her hair done, during that time two of my line brothers, another fraternity brother of mine who happens to be a photographer in the DMV area, and myself visited the museum to get a feel for how it was laid out, and identify the perfect place for me to ask her to spend the rest of her life with me.  Based on the suggestion of a few people whom had previously visited the museum, and were aware of my intentions they suggested the “Contemplative Court.”  Upon entering the museum we went straight there, and it took all of 5 minutes and one test picture before I knew that was exactly where I would ask my bride to be for her hand in marriage.  We also spoke with guest services trying to see if we could get in touch with someone in the social media department as this would certainly be a historic moment for us and the museum itself.  Once our mission was accomplished, we toured the museum taking in all of the exhibits and history of our culture, before meeting up with the soon to be future Mrs. Yates for lunch at Bus Boys and Poets off 14th street.

Judgment day…one of her line sisters decided to host us, and a few other line sisters for breakfast that morning. I had met all of them for the first time the night before after my line brother and I picked her up from their dinner together.  Breakfast was delicious, we were all having a good time getting better acquainted.  But the time had come to set everything in motion, so we headed back to my line brother’s house where we were staying, got dressed and headed towards the museum.  Luckily my line brother ALWAYS has his camera so nothing seemed out of place about him bringing his camera and ‘gopro,’ recording us in the back seat of the Uber on the way to the museum.  The photographer came up with a great idea of me making sure she was dressed nicely so that we could take engagement photos immediately after the proposal; it definitely wasn’t difficult to convince her to dress for the “occasion.”  As we’re in route, just enjoying being around one another, I made sure my line brother had the ring with him so there was no chance she would see it.  We entered the museum and started taking in all of the history and stories of our culture, all the while my line brother was speaking with the social media team to alert them of my intentions. We coordinated everything via text message of course, I told him we would be heading to the “location” at 4:00 pm, so the social media team cleared out the room prior to our arrival.


We walked inside, sat down on one of the benches and started talking. I asked her “what does this room make you think about?” She said the water reminded her of a fresh start, washing away past mistakes, a baptism.” I then asked her how did that tie into our relationship, and she talked about new beginnings for us, in summary. I then responded with “essentially we’re trusting one another to get it right in terms of learning how to love one another.” By this time (about 5 minutes of sitting and talking) the social media time began to let people come in the room, so for fear of someone getting in the way of the “shot” I suggested we head out because it was getting crowded.  She got up and started reading something in her phone, as usual ,and walked ahead of me.  I reached in my pocket and grabbed the ring, and said “Kenyana,” she turned around and I was on my knee and she just became overwhelmed with emotion and buried her face in her hands.  She stayed in this position bent over for a couple minutes trying to collect herself,  I then said “are you going to answer me?” At this point my knee was beginning to feel that hard surface lol, and she stood up wiped her eyes and nodded her head yes. And the rest is history…

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Former Ntl. President of Delta Sigma Theta, Congresswoman Fudge, Introduces Bill to Track Hazing on a National Level


Former Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. National President and current U.S. Representative for Ohio’s 11th congressional district, Marcia Fudge has introduced a bill that would require universities by federal law to include the hazing incidents in their yearly crime reports.

Fudge and her co-sponsor, Pennsylvania Republican Patrick Meehan, believe that tracking college hazing will allow authorities grasp the practice’s prevalence and figure out how to reduce it on a national level.

“The bill would require schools that participate in federal financial aid programs to disclose hazing incidents, arrests and disciplinary referrals in their yearly security reports and to implement a hazing education program for students,” states.

“We cannot act only after an unfortunate incident occurs,” Fudge said in a statement. “We need a strategy that will address hazing at its core. Accurate college reporting will provide the data we need to develop legislative solutions for administrators and faculty and protect our nation’s college students.”

Fudge is a Past National President of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., where she served from 1996 to 2000 and is a member of the Greater Cleveland Alumnae Chapter. She has also served as the co-chair of the sorority’s National Social Action Commission. Last year, after the leak of internal documents from the Democratic Party that forced Debbie Wasserman Schultz to step down, Rep. Fudge served as the chair of the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

Rep. Fudge’s hazing bill has been endorsed by Pennsylvania State University, where Timothy Piazza, an engineering student, died earlier this year from of injuries sustained while pledging Beta Theta Pi fraternity.

The bill is currently being endorsed by organizations including the National Panhellenic Conference and the North-American Interfraternity Conference.

“The likelihood is very good that we are going to get it passed. It is a bipartisan bill and I think we are going to be great. I think they are going to pass it because everybody knows it is a problem.” Marcia said when asked if she thought the bill was going to pass by reporters.

Marcia Louise Fudge has served as the U.S. Representative for Ohio’s 11th congressional district since 2008, a district that includes most of the black-majority areas between Cleveland and Akron. Fudge was initially elected to Congress in November 2008. She was the first African American and the first female mayor of Warrensville Heights, Ohio, past Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, and an original co-chair of the Democrats for Public Education. She is active in the Congressional Black Caucus, Congressional Progressive Caucus, Congressional Caucus for Women’s Issues, Congressional Military Family Caucus, STEM Education Caucus, Children’s Caucus (Founder and Co-Chair of the Congressional Taskforce on Childhood Obesity).

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Melanin Poppin’: Delta Sigma Theta Alumnae from Lincoln University Do Beautiful Bahamas Photoshoot

To celebrate the 30th birthday of one of their sorors, alumnae of Lincoln University, PA who were initiated through the Zeta Omega Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta went to the Bahamas for a sisterhood trip.

While on the trip, the ladies hit the beach on Rose Island for a photo shoot that will make you want to buy a ticket to the Bahamas ASAP. We reached out to the women in the photos and they told us that this was more than just a group vacation.

“This was more than just a girls trip, it was a celebration of life, education, reaching career goals and love. We believe that a sister holds you up and never lets you down.”

“We are educators, counselors, attorneys, registered nurse, directors, managers, and entrepreneurs,” @bpain1, one of the ladies in the photos told Watch The Yard.

Currently, we have been seeing a rise in Black sorority sisterhood trips and we love it. There is nothing like relaxing and enjoying the special bond that is sisterhood in the sun next to crystal clear water!

Check out their STUNNING photos below!

“We believe that a sister holds you up and never lets you down,” one of the ladies told Watch The Yard.

Photo Credit: @i.candice

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This Is What Happens When the Deltas and Ques From Clark Atlanta University Team up for a Coleman Love Yard Show

You already know it is going down when the Ques and Deltas at Clark Atlanta University team up!

The Beta Psi Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. and the Sigma Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. teamed up for a joint yard show and it is one for the books.

Watch below as they stroll, recite information, and celebrate everything that is Coleman Love!

Shot by @Cauontheyardcau and emmanuel11246

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