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Howard vs. Morehouse: The HBCU NY Classic Announces Partnership with Watch The Yard

The HBCU NY Classic just announced an exciting new partnership with Watch
The Yard, the premier media platform celebrating Black college culture, for the much-
anticipated showdown between Morehouse College and Howard University’s football teams on
September 14th at MetLife Stadium.

This partnership marks a significant collaboration aimed at amplifying the rich traditions
and cultural heritage of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) with the largest HBCU bowl game in the northeast. Watch The Yard, known for its vibrant and authentic portrayal of culture of Black students and alumni as well as Black greek life, will bring an unprecedented level of engagement and visibility to the historic event.

“We are incredibly excited to partner with Watch The Yard for the HBCUNY Classic,”
said Albert Williams, President & CEO of Sports Eleven05 LLC, the producers of the
HBCU NY Classic. “This collaboration is a perfect alignment of our shared commitment
to celebrating and preserving HBCU culture. With Watch The Yard’s extensive reach
and influence, we are confident that this year’s Classic will be an unforgettable
experience for all attendees and participants.”

The HBCU NY Classic, an annual highlight in the HBCU sports calendar, showcases the
best in college football while providing a platform for cultural expression and community
engagement. This year’s game between Morehouse College and Howard University
promises to be a thrilling contest, drawing fans from across the nation.

“We’re honored to join forces with the HBCU NY Classic,” said Jonathan Rabb, Founder of Watch The Yard. “Our mission has always been to highlight the vibrant culture and traditions of HBCUs, and this partnership allows us to bring that mission to life on a grand stage at the MetLife Stadium. We look forward to celebrating the legacy of these historic institutions by highlighting them and making the game accessible to as many HBCU fans, students, alumni and supporters as possible. Being partnered with the biggest HBCU bowl game in the northeast is a huge opportunity for us to celebrate HBCU culture and sports.”

The collaboration will feature exclusive behind-the-scenes content and live updates, ensuring that the spirit and excitement of the HBCUNY Classic resonates with audiences far and wide.

Later this Summer, before the game, Watch The Yard will hold an open call for HBCU undergrads and recent grads who are videographers and are interested in being flown out to New York and paid to cover the classic on Watch The Yard’s team. “We are going to build a team of the best young HBCU sports videographers and photographers in the nation and give them something big to put on their resumes,” Rabb stated.

Tickets for the HBCUNY Classic are now available for purchase. Fans are encouraged
to secure their seats early to witness this historic game and celebrate the enduring
legacy of HBCUs.

For more information about the HBCUNY Classic, please visit