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This Is How Omega Psi Phi Members Are Encouraging People To Vote Through Hopping

The Ques of Omega Psi Phi are not going to let the people around them have their voices go unheard during this 2016 presidential election and they are making this known through the traditional hopping dances of their Black fraternity.

Recently, a video was released of Omegas hopping on campus in front of Pennsylvania State University’s Old Main building with powerful chants encouraging people to get out and vote. In the video, the brothers who are dressed up in their Omega Psi Phi colors hop and chant so loud that passersby stop to watch the passion and enthusiasm these young Black men have dedicated toward letting everyone know that voting is important and they will be casting their ballot come November.

We at Watch The Yard would like to commend these brothers for doing this and would like to encourage other members of Black fraternities and sororities to follow suit. The art of stepping and hopping is always its best when it includes a message and during this tumultuous election where a lot is on the line, we believe that performing yard shows like this in key public areas is a great way to let the Black community know that we are here, we are loud, we care and we WILL vote.

Watch this powerful video below and help us by sharing it and encouraging other Black greeks to do shows like this in the coming weeks!

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