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Kappa Alpha Psi’s Hakeem Jeffries Was Just Elected Democratic Caucus Chair

Credit: @repjeffries / Instagram

On Wednesday, House Democrats elected Representative Hakeem Jeffries to lead their caucus when they assume control in January.

Jeffries represents New York’s 8th congressional district in Brooklyn and Queens and is a Spring 1989 initiate of Kappa Alpha Psi’s Mu Kappa Chapter at Binghampton University.

The 48-year-old congressman beat out fellow Congressional Black Caucus member Barbara Lee of California in a 123-113 vote.

The Democratic Caucus chair position will be the No. 5 position in House leadership. It was opened up after Rep. Joe Crowley was beaten in the primaries by 29-year-old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez earlier this summer.

Jeffries is seen by many in the Democratic Party as a rising star and a potential future Speaker of The House.

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