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Kappa Alpha Psi And NSBE Are Officially Teaming Up To Increase Black Children’s Interest In STEM

Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. and the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) have officially teamed up to increase the number of African-American engineers.

Thomas L. Battles Jr., the Grand Polemarch of the fraternity and Matthew C. Nelson, the National Chair of NSBE met at NSBE’s Headquarters in Alexandria, VA last month and signed an official three-year partnership agreement. According to the agreement, Kappa Alpha Psi will work with NSBE to reach the Black engineering society’s 10-year strategic plan to increase the amount of African-Americans graduating with bachelors degrees in engineering. With this partnership, they plan to raise the annual number of recipients from 3,501 (where it was in 2014) to 10,000 by 2025.

“Greek fraternity culture has played a pivotal role in young men becoming male models of stature and integrity once they come of age,” Matthew C. Nelson, NSBE’s National Chair stated. “Your work is really important, and it aligns with NSBE’s mission. Positively impacting the community is something both organizations do very well.”

To reach their goal of creating 10,000 black students with bachelors degrees in STEM, both organizations’ are focusing on their already established youth programs(NSBE Jr. and Kappa’s Guide Right Program). Additionally, both Kappa and NSBE will create six joint Guide Right NSBE Jr. chapters, with the goal of giving young people between 3rd and 12 grade supplemental STEM curricula and exposure to jobs in STEM.

“This strategic partnership opens the door to collaborate on funding opportunities that can exponentially expand the size and scale of this initiative and therefore positively impact more young men and communities of color,” L-Mani S. Viney, the executive director of the Kappa Alpha Psi Foundation stated.

We at are very excited about this collaboration and its potential. Kappa Alpha Psi’s Guide Right Program is already large and deeply connected to the Black community and by teaming up with NSBE and its programs we truly believe that a large number of young African Americans will get the perfect exposure they need to want to go into STEM education once they reach college.

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