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A Kappa, Omega and Sigma Have Teamed Up To Build a Fraternity/Sorority Directory App

In a rapidly digitizing world, where connectivity and communication are paramount, a app called Greektory has emerged within the Greek fraternity and sorority community. Spearheaded by a team of creators, all proud members of the Black fraternity and sorority community, Greektory is poised to help members of Greek organizations interact and collaborate, transcending traditional boundaries.

The brainchild of Ronard Green, Matthew Plunkett, and Bruson Ovil, all members of prominent Black fraternities, Greektory created a digital approach to networking, event planning, and community engagement. Rooted in a deep passion for enhancing relationships and bridging gaps amongst organizations, the app is attempting to be an all-in-one solution to many long-standing communicational challenges.

“This app provides Greeks with a platform to search and connect with organization members based on location, industry, previous line, and much more. These functions help enhance relationships amongst organizations and keep members involved with their communities,” states Ronard Green.

Greektory’s features have been formed to empower fraternities and sororities to build stronger bonds within their chapters while fostering broader connections beyond the confines of individual organizations. By utilizing shared interests, experiences, and geographic proximity, Greektory works to promote a sense of unity that transcends traditional distinctions among different Greek organizations.

“Greektory was designed to fill the many communicational voids amongst organizations while continuing to focus on the social aspects of the communities they serve,” Ronard Green affirms, underscoring the app’s significance in safeguarding the legacy and values of each fraternity and sorority for generations to come.

With a user-friendly interface and a comprehensive database of milestones, traditions, and achievements, Greektory aims to keep the essence of Greek life alive throughout the years. Whether connecting with alumni, gaining valuable insights, or sharing experiences, the platform ensures that the essence of Greek organizations endures beyond the four years of college life.

“Greektory’s user-friendly features provide a platform like no other for Greeks to be able to network within their chapter and organization(s), while capitalizing on the relationships to come,” Ronard Green asserts. By facilitating meaningful connections, Greektory becomes a powerful catalyst for personal and professional growth, encouraging collaborations and friendships that extend well beyond the college years.

In a world where connections have become synonymous with opportunities, Greektory positions itself as a transformative force within the Greek community. For Ronard Green, Matthew Plunkett, and Bruson Ovil, this app symbolizes a commitment to empowering fraternity and sorority members, promoting unity, and redefining the landscape of Greek life through technological innovation.

As Greektory continues to gain traction within the Greek fraternity and sorority community, it exemplifies the potential of cutting-edge technology to bridge gaps, preserve legacies, and forge new paths of growth.