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These Delta Sigma Theta Educators Are Taking Class Participation to a New Level With Their High School Music Videos

These teachers from Albany, Georgia are encouraging their students through music!

Audrianna Cobb and Callie Evans are teachers at Monroe Comprehensive High School in Albany, Georgia. Both of these women are members of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., and seem to have an undeniable bond and rapport with their students.

These Delta educators used music to encouraging their students to stay resilient and continue to strive for excellence throughout the remainder of the academic year by making music videos that have since gone viral. Their fun and interactive spin on Cardi B’s hit song ‘Money’ has their students excited and ready for a successful year!

Audrianna is a second year American Government and World Geography teacher, advisor, and cheer-leading coach. Callie is a first year educator in the discipline of Economics and also a yearbook staff advisor and cheerleading coach.

Both of the women have some AMAZING students, and you can truly tell that there is so much genuine love and mutual respect shared between the students and teachers. THIS SCHOOL IS LIT!!! We at Watch The Yard wish high school would’ve been this fun for us.

We want to send a huge shout out to the students, staff, and entire Monroe Comprehensive High School community! It’s apparent you all take learning, community building, and academic excellence seriously, and have fun doing it!

Check out the videos below of these two ladies and their students as they help transform the classroom into a space for learning, fun, growth and overall LITTNESS! Shout out to these students and teachers for putting Monroe High School on the map!

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