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This Is What Happens When You Step on the Grass at an HBCU

So you are on campus for the first day of school, you finally made it to the HBCU of your dreams and you are ready to mix and mingle, learn, and expand your horizons!

You are walking to class and realize that you forgot one of your books at your dorm so you rush back, grab the book and run towards the building where your class is so that you won’t be late.

The sidewalk seems is full because everyone else is on their way to class and you realize that your classroom is just on the other side of the yard.

“All I have to do is run across the grass!” you think to yourself.

HOLD THE F UP! Don’t you ever step on HBCU grass!

You: “But, I visited my brother at his PWI last year and we had a picnic on the grass.”

Everyone else: This ain’t no PWI. These things don’t fly here.

You: But I need to get to class on time. 

Everyone else: 5 P’s “Prior preparation prevents poor performance.” Chalk this one up to the game and take your L. Whatever you do, don’t step on that grass.

You: No, forget that! The no stepping on grass rule is stupid. I’m walking on this grass. I’m a freshman, I don’t live at home anymore. No one tells me what to do!

Everyone Else: Okay…do you…

You: *Steps on grass*

School Dragon: …

You: …oh now I get it…

Everyone else:

Share this and spread the word to freshman that if they step on the grass, the resident school dragon might get them.