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Bennett Belles! Notable Alumnae of Bennett College Who Changed The World

The alumnae of Bennett College are trailblazers and have made their mark on the world.

Bennett College, one of the two HBCUs dedicated to African American women in the United States, has been around since 1873. In that time, thousands of women have walked its halls and graduated, going on to make their marks on the world.

Recently,  Bennett has been in the news because of the threat of losing it’s accreditation and we at Watch The Yard, in our support of the college, thought it would be a good idea to remind everyone of all of the amazing women and talent that Bennett produces.

Please share this list with as many people as possible along with the hashtag #StandWithBennett.

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Carolyn Robertson Payton – Class of 1945

She was the first female and the first African American to be Peace Corps Director.

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