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ICE COLD! This Is How The Brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha Revealed Their Spring 19 Line at Central State University

The brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha are ICE COLD in Ohio!

The ‘Infamous’ Delta Xi Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. at Central State University in Ohio just revealed their Spring 19 line and we have video!

The line, which goes by the name TEST8MENT includes the following new brothers:
Ace – @forevfly_young
Deuce – @nassolo97
Tre – @rell___________
Four – @omni_delano
Five – @ameer_lamadre
Six – @shannon_109th
Jewel – @lockupdeez
Eight/Tail – @martin0logy

Watch below as the brothers hold it down for their chapter, their school and their frat brothers across the nation.

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