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The Only African American U.S. Treasurer Azie Morton Was A Member of Alpha Kappa Alpha

Did you know that the only Black U.S. Treasurer Azie Morton was a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha? Morton pledged the Beta Kappa Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

Azie Morton was the first and only African American to hold the seat of United States Treasurer. She served under the Carter Administration from 1977-1981. Morton was born in Dale, Texas where she attended a school for the blind, deaf, and orphaned although she was neither. She had to attend due to the fact that there were no High Schools for African Americans in Dale. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in commercial education before beginning her career at the Crocker School for Girls.

Azie’s Signature on the 1977 U.S. Dollar

Before becoming U.S. Treasurer, she served on President Kennedy’s Committee on Equal Employment Opportunity. After she passed, Robert E. Lee Road in Austin was renamed Azie Morton Road.

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