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Omega Psi Phi’s Cedric Harrison is Preserving Black History In Wilmington, NC Through Historical Bus Tours

In Wilmington, North Carolina, Cedric Harrison, a proud member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc., stands as a beacon of empowerment and historical preservation. Through his initiatives, Support the Port and wilmingtoNColor, Harrison has become a driving force for economic growth and advancement within the African American community in his hometown.

A Wilmington native, Harrison wears multiple hats — entrepreneur, local historian, and advocate for change. His passion lies in uncovering and sharing the rich history of African Americans in Wilmington, a city scarred by the events of November 10, 1898, when white supremacists orchestrated a massacre that shook the foundations of the Black community.

This tragic coup robbed the community of its educated, affluent, and influential figures, leaving lasting effects on the academic and economic landscape. wilmingtoNColor emerges as Harrison’s endeavor to bridge the past with the present, aiming to reconstruct a future reflective of the vibrant African American history that predates the 1898 tragedy.

At the heart of this initiative is a unique Black History Shuttle Tour, inviting participants to journey through Wilmington’s streets and witness the stories embedded in its historical tapestry. The tour is not merely a ride through time; it is a step towards healing, understanding, and reshaping the narrative.

wilmingtoNColor’s roots delve deeper, with its inception tied to the success of the Wilmington In Color coloring/activity book initiative. The book, a resounding hit, sold over 10,000 copies globally, finding its way into educational institutions, churches, after-school programs, and the hands of individual consumers. The impact of the book set the stage for the evolution into the immersive experience of the Black History Shuttle Tour.

Cedric Harrison’s commitment to fostering dialogue and understanding extends beyond the streets of Wilmington. In 2019, he took the TEDx stage at TEDx Airlie, captivating the audience with his talk titled “Bridging the Racial Gap of Socio-Economics.” In this powerful discourse, Harrison intertwines history with personal experiences, providing a compelling narrative that sheds light on the racial and socio-economic dynamics of Wilmington.

As a member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc., and a Spring 2010 initiate of the Chi Mu Chapter, Harrison’s dedication to service, community upliftment, and education resonates through his work. The journey of wilmingtoNColor stands as a testament to the impact one individual can have in rewriting the narrative of a community’s history, one tour at a time. Cedric Harrison’s vision encapsulates not only the resilience of Wilmington’s African American community but also the transformative power of acknowledging and embracing one’s roots.

As a platform focused on the preservation of African American history and culture, we at Watch The Yard love to see what Cedric is doing to preserve the history in his own community and commend him for his work.