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Music Icon Donny Hathaway Was A Member Of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity

Were you aware that singer-songwriter Donny Edward Hathaway was a member of Alpha Phi Alpha? Hathaway pledged the Beta Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

Donny Hathaway was a singer, arranger, and songwriter who is considered to be a soul legend by Rolling Stone. He had many popular songs like “The Ghetto”, “This Christmas”, and “Little Ghetto Boy”. Two of his most famous collaborations with Roberta Flack are the songs: ‘Where Is The Love?’ and ‘The Closer I Get To You’.

Hathaway has received one Grammy Award and was inducted into the St. Louis Walk of Fame. Hathaway battled with severe mental health issues before his passing but still managed to secure his spot in music history.

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