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‘Building a Tradition, Not Resting Upon One’, Eta Rho Chapter Iotas Cross Two Caucasian Members

You don’t see a pledge line that looks like this everyday in the south.

Even though the NPHC Organization are primarily African American, this Iota line has not one but TWO caucasian pledgees. For you northerners, this might not be a big shock but this probate took place at Western Kentucky University and the person who submitted this to our site wanted to let viewers know that lines like this do not happen that often in his part of the US.

The unnamed submitter also commented on how he though this was a great reflection of the progress that has occurred over the years,

“I just believe that this is such a big change in the generation we live in today. A positive change, because as a member of Iota Phi Theta this is upholds one of our mottos! ‘Building a Tradition, Not Resting Upon One’ This probate to me is one of the most unique ones I have seen yet!,” he stated in a note attached to the video.

Take a look at the probate and let us know about the what you think about the inclusivity of NPHC organizations in the comment section below.

Are NPHC organizations doing a good job at being inclusive or is there still more work to be done?


Iota Phi Theta Founder Webster Lewis Was a Famous Jazz/ Disco Keyboardist

The brothers of Iota Phi Theta know it, but many outside of their great fraternity don’t know that one of the fraternity’s founders just so happens to be the amazing jazz and disco keyboardist, Webster Lewis.

Lewis was born in Baltimore in 1943 and attended Morgan State University where he became one of the founders of Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc. in 1963.

Top Row: Elias Dorsey, Charles Brown, Webster Lewis

He attended the New England Conservatory of Music for his masters and went on to a have a very notable music career.

He started in jazz where he worked with George Russell, Bill Evans, Tony Williams, Stanton Davis, and the Piano Choir and in 1976, he signed with Epic Records where he produced a string of successful disco hits including “On the Town/Saturday Night Steppin’ Out/Do it With Style” in 1977 and “Give Me Some Emotion” in the 80s, both of which hit the music charts.

Lewis made a name for himself as a session musician and studio arranger, for greats including Barry White, Herbie Hancock, and others.

In the 80s he moved into doing soundtrack work for film and TV, including the movies The Hearse (1980), Body and Soul (1981) and My Tutor (1983).

In 2002, he passed away as a result of diabetes but his memory lives on through his hits and musical contributions as well as his phenomenal work to establish Iota Phi Theta.

Listen to some of his well-known hits below.

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Back In The Day

40-Minutes Of Old School Iota Phi Theta Songs That Will Make Your Day

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Time for the sweet sound of old school Iota songs.

Whether you are a new member of a seasoned brother in the bond, the following gallery of songs will soothe your soul.

Click on the arrows below to take a listen. Make sure to check out the video at the end, it includes a lot of old school songs that you may never have heard.

Please share with as many Iotas as you can!

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 11.56.10 AM

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28 Rare Pictures Of What Pledging A Black Greek Org Looked Like Back In The Day

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We have compiled a list of 28 rare pictures of what pledging a Black Greek fraternity/sorority looked like back in the day. We feel that these pictures honor NPHC history and give you a good look into the past. Enjoy!

Psi E's Lamp Club pledging Omega Psi Phi, 1949.

Psi E’s Lamp Club pledging Omega Psi Phi, 1949.

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